Adult SEO Writer Pricing

Adult SEO and sex writing pricing varies by project. Understandably, prospective clients are curious about what to expect.

High-quality adult SEO content compounds in value over time. With smart backlinking and engaging writing that prevents site bounces, you ensure your site climbs search results organically.

Don’t believe me? Google search “my therapist sucks”, “free yes no maybe list”, “how to vet play parties”, or “cuckolding while single”. My writing appears on the first page of results for all these terms.

The Price of High-Quality Content Writing

Low-quality sex writing gets you short-term results at best, and no results at worst. Don’t risk it. Invest in a high-quality sex writer with great reviews.

Shannon is a top-notch editor who can polish just about any piece until it is squeaky clean. She was always communicative, had quick turnarounds, and I was always pleased with her work. It was a pleasure working with her.

Austin Adams, Slingshot Health

Base Rates for Adult SEO Writing

Below are my base rates for common project types.

These rates represent a starting point for simple projects. Rates increase depending on project complexity, number of desired editing rounds, level of research required, and other factors.

Adult Content Writing

$0.25 USD / word

Adult SEO Writing

$0.30 USD / word

Other Sex Writing

$0.25 UDS / word

Social Media Management

$50 USD / hour

Editing Adult Content

$60 USD / hour

Proofreading Adult Content

$40 USD / hour

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