Hiring a Ghostwriter for your Book or eBook

Minal decided that hiring a ghostwriter was her best bet to publishing Why Your Marketing Is Killing Your Business: And What To Do About It

Like many entrepreneurs, Minal had a book idea. Her problem? She didn’t have time to write! Understandably, she looked into hiring a ghostwriter.

The marketing strategist and speaker was far from alone. With articles such as Want to be a Great Writer? Then Don’t Focus on Writing topping advice columns, leaders with useful insights and ideas are increasingly seeking alternative routes to authorship.

What did Minal find? A high school friend who could help her out: me!

Now don’t misunderstand; I’m not outing Minal’s process here for the world to see. She’s been very open about our partnership, and graciously named me in her acknowledgements:

Minal Sampat's Acknowledgements Page showing that hiring a ghostwriter was the right choice

The book and ebook is an “as told to” project. Minal’s marketing approach highlights the need for transparency in business today, and her acknowledgement reflects that.

Now, does everyone out there looking to write a book or ebook need to use “as told to”? Absolutely not. Plenty of ghostwriters are happy to let you take all the credit for the ideas in your book. You just have to give them the ideas, and agree on a contract that works for everyone.

Minal and I wrote How Your Marketing is Killing Your Business, And What to Do About It over the course of a few months. I interviewed Minal once a week, sometimes twice, and converted our conversations into chapters. Now, the book serves both as a tangible take away from her speaking engagements, and marketing material that shows off her knowledge to potential clients. She’s officially added “bestselling author” to her many titles!

Hiring a ghostwriter led to becoming a #1 Amazon bestseller

Interested in publishing a book or ebook, but need a writer? Get in touch! With my help, your book could be the next chart-topper.

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