Travel Writers in the Virgin Islands and Beyond

Travel writers in the virgin islands

Often, the best work comes from the heart. And since home is where the heart is, my Caribbean home on St. Thomas has been a happy source of many writing projects. When a childhood friend of mine heard that someone was looking for travel writers in the Virgin Islands, she immediately messaged me.

In true small-island style, it turned out the client and I already had multiple mutual friends. It was a wonder we hadn’t already bumped into each other on our content marketing journeys!

She wanted an informative piece that would hit home with both residents and visitors in the Virgin Islands. Of the many ideas she had, one focused on something we can all bond over: food.

Soon after, Grocery Shopping in the Virgin Islands: a Complete Guide was outlined. I drew from my own experiences, as well as talked with multiple friends and family members. Some grocery stores had changed after the 2017 hurricanes. At least one hadn’t even yet reopened more than two years later.

It was a fun project, but the networking wasn’t over yet. A few months later, the article got noticed by none other than Forbes Travel Guide. They reached out to me to write an overview of the Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas. Even the tour was luxurious, and hopefully the article will be another springboard into more Caribbean travel writing for this content marketing adventurer.

My travel writing isn’t limited to the Virgin Islands, of course. I live in New Orleans, another great destination. I’ve also lived and worked in Los Angeles, California, as well as West Virginia, Connecticut, Michigan, and New Jersey – with frequent trips to New York City. I’ve traveled up and down the Caribbean chain, and to England, Scotland, and Spain, where I have many friends. My favorite recent trip was to Quito, Ecuador, and next on my list are Morrocco and Barcelona.

I’ve met quite a few other travel writers in the Virgin Islands; we’re kind of a tight-knit bunch. To get in touch with me and my network, simply reach out. I’m open to both short-term and long-term projects, and have blog packages for those interested.

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