How to Hire an SEO Content Writer

Once you’ve made the decision to hire an SEO content writer, the next questions are obvious. Where do you look, and how do you get them on your team?

If you’re reading this, the good news is that you’re already halfway there. You found me! And while you don’t have to hire me if you don’t want to, you might find this quick post helpful for your search.

Like many other SEO content writers, some clients find me through an online platform. Personally, I prefer Upwork, though other writers may feel differently. Alternative platforms are Fiverr and Clearvoice, which I haven’t tried.

hire an seo content writer

For clients who don’t find me through Upwork, there are two other avenues: referrals, and web search. You may have landed here thanks to a web search, if my SEO skills are up to snuff.

As for referrals, you just need to ask your network if anyone has had to hire an SEO content writer before. If you have a LinkedIn or Facebook, that’s a good place to post and ask. Otherwise, you may need to reach out personally to professionals you know who have websites and/or blogs.

The downside to referrals is that sometimes, writers are just already busy enough. They may tell you they’re unavailable, or they may quote a premium price to justify taking attention away from existing clients.

This problem is somewhat avoided with a web search, as writers tend to update their SEO when looking for work, and let it slide when they aren’t. It’s almost nonexistent on Upwork, where you’ll only see writers who are available and looking for work.

If you’re worried about finding a writer who knows your industry, it may be less of a problem than you think. Just take this article I wrote for Fusebill, for example: 44 Zettabytes of Data by 2020 – Are You Prepared for the IoT Data Deluge?

Just weeks before I wrote that post, I knew hardly anything about Big Data and the IoT. I definitely didn’t know how businesses should be preparing, or what a zettabyte was. But good SEO content writers are also good researchers, and that’s what I did. That article is now working hard at drawing in organic search results.

Looking to hire an SEO content writer? Find me on Upwork, or just contact me here. Check out my blog packages if that’s something you need. I’m here to help!

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