Writing Engaging B2B Content Marketing

Does business writing have to be business-like? I prefer to ask a different question: What is business-like? In the age of “business casual” language used by giants like Apple, Google, and Amazon, I’ve found that striking a balance is the real secret to writing engaging B2B content marketing.

This balance doesn’t have to be forced. Take the article linked below, for example. My client wanted an engaging article about perceived value and recurring revenue. Sounds dry, doesn’t it? My audience would be B2B execs and managers looking for solutions. (Who isn’t?) Somehow, I needed my writing to stand out among everything else already out there.

I set to work.

writing engaging b2b content marketing

Leveraging Customers’ Perceived Value of your Business to Grow Recurring Revenue turned out to be a really fun assignment. That might surprise you, but it doesn’t surprise me. I revel in finding the different intersections of the B2B world, and appreciate a challenge to eloquently describe them.

The tactics I use aren’t mysterious. For example, I like to personalize B2B informational articles with human stories. Here’s how “Leveraging Customers’ Perceived Value…” opens:

In 1998, Joy Gendusa was exhausted. Running a graphic design business and raising two toddlers, she worked 70 hours a week and made more money brokering printing services than selling graphic designs.

Gendusa’s market was saturated: she created great work, but the competition constrained her growth. She was barely meeting overhead, and taking on projects she didn’t enjoy.

Then an opportunity revealed itself.

By 2017, PostcardMania was pulling in $50 million a year in revenue, and had made Inc. Magazine’s 5000 List.

You’re pulled in, aren’t you? You want to know what that opportunity was, and how Gendusa made such a huge transformation. This isn’t about perceived value and recurring revenue. This is about Joy Gendusa and every other big-dream business owner out there just trying to figure out how to make it work.

Or so I think. That’s how I approach writing engaging B2B content marketing, anyway.

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