How ‘On The Map’ Unlocked Marketing Agency Success Through Growth Stages

This week, Fusebill published my first blog post with them. It’s been an absolute joy working with Jacob Varghese and his team to create useful, well-researched content for subscription businesses looking for a recurring billing platform. I’m looking forward to many more coming soon!

At its core, good business is about progress. Allow your practices or product to stagnate, and you’ll get left behind. Even the most long-running businesses learn to adapt their marketing strategies, technology, and pricing with the times. It’s how they stay relevant.

On The Map is well aware of this; they provide SEO website-building services to businesses in need of new leads. Founded in 2009, President and CEO Rick Hoskins started On The Map by cold-calling attorneys from his living room in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. He knew he had the knowledge and skills to deliver—he just needed clients to deliver to.

This is the story of how On The Map went from living room cold-calls to 600 clients and two Inc. 5000 listings for Fastest Growing Companies.

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